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The production technology of shovels from rail steel of the Alex Diggermaer trademark.
As raw materials for production of our shovels serve second-hand and sub-standard railway rails from the high-strength alloyed spring steel. On the patented technology rails are fragmented, then preparations are rolled in sheets from which shovels are cut down and stamped. After that blades are subjected to hi-tech training as a result of which metal gets the increased hardness and elasticity. After that process in a special way form a socket, without making a seam that allows metal always to clasp a shank densely. And thanks to springing properties of steel, when strengthening pressure from a shank appears, there is no maximum force of resistance that doesn't lead to shovel breakage in a junction of a socket and a blade.
Further for bigger informational content on a socket of a shovel put a logo of" Alex Diggermaer" in the form of capital letter of D (a distinctive sign of a trademark), on the blade beat out an inscription "Rail Steel", and for bigger functionality edge of a cloth of shovels make sharp.
Then shovels cover with high-strength anticorrosive powder, the pearl-black color, protecting steel from oxidation and a rust.
At the following stage the shovel is completed with a high-quality shank which cover with a double varnish coat and grind.
The shank got in a socket, fix with three self-tapping screws for the greatest rigidity in a junction. And at a shovel complete set the ergonomic handle, it fix with two self-tapping screws in a junction with a shank.