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Shovels from rail steel of the Alex Diggermaer trademark.
The shovel is the necessary tool in various fields of activity, whether it be construction or the industry, planting flowers on a bed or unloading/loading of bulks, digging of trenches or formation of a road cloth. Everyone wants that the tool was stronger, had a long working life and was used for any years. Today we make Alex Diggermaer trademark shovels which meet all these requirements.
The offered goods are made from the alloyed high-quality rail steel at "Zabaykalresurs" plant.
The Chita plant "Zabaykalresurs" was founded in 1997. The technology of shovel’s spades production was brought from Germany and patented. The patent doesn't allow to make similar products from rail steel on our technology in the territory of the Russian Federation. Our shovels already proved as the high-quality and reliable tool. The first bayonet shovel from rail steel was produced in 2006, from the middle of that year and for the present the plant was making almost all types of shovels , except for shovels: crushed-stone, snow-removing, ice axe. These types a shovel appeared a bit later, they were designed by request and each of them has its original history.
1. Foresters asked to design a barking shovel (ice axe). The shovel by means of which they could clean off bark from trunks of trees was necessary for them, in bark there were various insects which spoils a round timber. Such requirement arose due to wood export. In winter it’s begun to use for ice clearing from the sidewalk.
2. The Russian Railroad which is one of the largest corporate client of our company asked to make the crushed-stone shovel. At first crushed-stone shovel was used by the Transbaikal Russian Railway Company, after that Far East, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk companies begun as well. In 2011 Moscow and the Kaliningrad region joined to them. Today all road services from the Central part of Russia to Ural use production of our company. In 2012 the annual contract with JSC “RZhD on delivery of shovels to all offices of Russian Railways was signed.
3. The snow-removing shovel was required in connection with plentiful loss of snow in Siberia and the Far East; we designed this shovel by request of utility services of Chita which made certain demands to a shovel: the shovel had to be easy and convenient in use.
In 2013 one more shovel was brought in an assortment range: bayonet rectangular shovel which in two months of sales became a hit of a spring and summer season.
The Chita plant doesn't stand still constantly expanding an assortment line of the production. This year we are ready to present new products: the forged pitchfork and rake from rail steel.
Today goods from the rail steel, made in Zabaykalsky Krai, are known across all Russia,having special popularity among inhabitants of Siberia, the Far East, the Urals, gradually submitting new territories of the Central Russia, the Southern regions, Kazakhstan and Moldova.
Now 300 000 products of various type are made and implemented in a month, with increasing in volumes of realization release constantly grows (design capacity of plant of 500 000 pieces and more in a month). Accumulation of volume is explained by that the company implements the products almost in all regions of Russia, and also in neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkmenistan.
Since 2011 the plant is engaged in only a production activity, having transferred the right to realization of production of the M-PREMIUM company.
The M-Premium company is the general partner of the JSC “Zabaykalresurs” company which for 10 years has been the only official producer of goods from rail steel in Russia. The office of JSC M-Premium located in Moscow that significantly facilitates company work in the Central region of Russia. The big warehouse situated in the Kaluga region allows most effectively and in a short time ship goods to our clients who have their residentions in the European part of Russia and the neighboring countries.
The M-Premium company itself produces and completes from rail blades of shovels and high-quality wooden shanks garden stock under the AlexDiggermaer trademark in the territory of the Kaluga region in the city of Balabanovo. We make and deliver premium class shovels. In this fied, products TM AlexDiggermaer are undisputed leaders since consumer properties of our production as much as possible meet the requirements of buyers as in a price and qualitative equivalent, and a high-strength blades from rail steel and the qualitative wooden shank were quickly estimated by professionals (road builders, builders, gardeners).
Our company seeks for creation of partnership with our clients, based on an individual approach, understanding, respect and to the attentive relation to business.
On all questions concerning quality of our production or cooperation you can apply in our company to the address:
1119526, Moscow, Vernadskogo Avenue, building 105-4, office XII.
or by phone
Ph. (495) 784-74-38